Glimmering traces of Gillian Welch and Alison Krauss . . . with a distinct Celtic sensibility. ★★★★

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Dublin singer-songwriter Ciara Sidine’s sound has been described as ‘Americana with an unmistakeably Celtic feel to its poetic lyrics and confident vocals’ (UNCUT). Her new album Unbroken Line (autumn 2017) is garnering glowing reviews across the board, following on from her successful, acclaimed debut Shadow Road Shining.

‘An outstanding second album...a compelling mix of aesthetic brilliance and poignant empathy.’ 


Exploring themes from Ireland’s shadowy past, Unbroken Line is a love song to lost voices – from the mothers who survived incarceration in Ireland’s mother and baby homes and Magdalene Laundries, whose babies were taken from them against their will (Finest Flower), to those weighed down by the actions of a Catholic church more intent on self-preservation than truth (Let the Rain Fall), to Ireland’s exiled women in the fight for reproductive rights (Trouble Come Find Me).

“Politically and socially charged, her songs speak of the contemporary and the universal. Sidine’s languid vocal delivery has a way of making even the shiniest, happiest moments teeter with a dark undercurrent.”


The tracks on the new album, with their taut, poetic lyrics, draw from a wide spectrum of blues, country and folk, and combine a rich lyrical quality with an utterly unique vocal that lends itself equally to intimate acoustic expression or full throttle rock-out with a band.

“A great singer, and at times the resemblance to Emmylou Harris is almost uncanny, with the same heartbreaking throaty glory.”


Ciara’s sell-out launch gig in Dublin’s Sugar Club will be followed by a Christmas gig in Whelan’s on 21 December and a much-anticipated appearance at Tradfest on 24 January, where at the latter show her young daughters Romy and Ava will join her for their stage singing debut. Details of a tour in The Netherlands are soon to be announced, along with dates for regional gigs in Ireland.

“Unbroken Line is one of those rare things, a delightful, captivating release worthy of any modern Americana-roots lover’s attention.”


Sidine’s work has been described as combining shades of Gillian Welch, Maria McKee and Alison Krauss, but the singer-songwriter is very much her own voice. Unbroken Line is a remarkable showcase of this.

'Sidine Street'

A poem by Joseph O'Connor

Inspired by Unbroken Line and Ciara's music.